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Several ideas of pics come up to mind. Another Super Hypon Parody, Cynthalina, AquaTV for 10th anniversary.
One or two new ideas i have in mind for the Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy that's coming very soon.

One Pic being the battle between two Masters of Time, Hypon vs N Tropy!
Anyone like to see that?
My foot needs to heal a little longer... Depending how things goes, i might end up on a hiatus again.... Hopefully not....


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Hey guys! So yeah, i was originally going to write about my thoughts of E3. Why so late? Well i was distracted playing Fire Emblem Awakening, my sis lend me her copy along with her other 3DS games as kind of a 'get well soon' thing for my leg. And i was seriously distracted that I even forgot to work on my current pic to rev up my hype for one of the games... owo;

So what do I think? To my surprise, some of my predictions for Nintendo came true, though not all but I'm very happy of what I got to see confirmed!

Mario + Rabbids is looking to be a very funny and exciting cross over Tactic RPG, I even watch both of the demonstation videos of the game! The story is a lot more interesting than I expect, and the Rabbids are not antagonized like they were in they're debut title. I won't spoil too much of the story, and you can learn about it from those videos yourself!

Metroid Prime 4 is in development, hearing the confirmation makes me happy, but that's just a tip of the iceberg as they later revealed a 3DS Remake of Metroid 2! Dang! Two Metroid Games on the way and just how the fans want it!

Pokémon USUM saddley didn't show up at E3, but we do know that Game Freak is working on a Core Series Pokémon game for the Switch! Wgat Pokémon Game is it? Alola in HD? Platinum Remake? Who knows! And I'm excited!

Super Mario Odyssey! Oh man I was surprised by the Spotlight Trailer! You can posses a frog? A Bullet Bill? A Goomba? A T REX?! And dang that song is so catchy!! And sung by Pauline?!! Who else is appearing?!!

There's a lot more I could talk about from Nintendo, i could go on forever! So lets talk about the other companies.

Ubisoft, i don't think i need talk a lot. I heard their conference was really good, and it start off very strong with the mentioned furst game I talked about! Mr. Miyamoto showed up on stage for the game! Good on ya Ubisoft!

Sonic Forces showed more gameplay, and a trailer! And lots of cool stuff! And a New Villain? Oh Dang!

Kindgom Hearts 3 showed off more of Mount Olympus, that was cool. I would have love to see the other worlds that weren't shown before... Like Big Hero 6.

Dragonball Fighters Z looks very promising, being done by the guys who did Guilty Gears has made the art style and animation feel really like you're watching the anime. I love it! Sadly i'm not very competitive....

And Finally Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy! As some who owns and played the original three on the PS1, i'm loving how the Remastered looks, and they added Coco as playable in all three!

I got to say I'm really liking of what I'm seeing at E3! My sis and I plan to get a Nintendo Switch, so hopefully i get one soon to play the Nintendo games as they come out!
Oh one more thing! Spawny has got to be the most adorable Rabbid i ever seen!! X3


Gris 'Hypon' Shirona
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My main FC, now known as Gris 'Hypon' Shirona is now in the Pokemon Dimension. Teamed up with none other than the Sinnoh Champion Cynthia!
Isn't he a lucky bum...

My DA Family!
Girl Friend-:iconvaporeonrocks: I love her! She writes such great stories! ^///^







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I think that the things that Red said were totally wrong. Now i know how dumb he is....
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Oh man. I remember this page/account.
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Im happy to see you're still going.
I hope you have a wonderful day
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Thank you :)
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Hyper! If I catch a Tyranitar, I would nickname it Godzilla
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